Bulldog Breeds

There are a number of different breeds of Bulldogs which owe their heritage to these Mastiff and Bull type dogs.

Modern Day Bulldogs

The modern breeds of Bulldogs have descended from these dogs and were re-created through various breeding programs including alapaha blue blood Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Valley Bulldogs, Victorian Bulldogs, Olde English Bulldogges, English Bulldogs, Ca de Bous, Banter Bulldogges, and Aussie Bulldogs.


Historically, this breed originated from the Molossian and fighting dog breeds of Antiquity. They were of two main types, the bigger Mastiff sort of guard dogs, and the smaller ones used for protecting and herding livestock. At the time, bull fights were very popular, and bulldogs were selected specifically because they would attack the bull’s nose and hang on instead of using the slashing attack that most other breeds prefer. There are historical pictures to prove these dogs were like mastiffs, but their appearance varied quite a bit too.


“Bulldog,” the word, appeared for the very first time back in 1632 in a letter by San Sebastian to P. Eaton. In the letter, he asked for a Mastire dog, some liquor, and some good Bulldoggs. This is the first time that the Bulldog was clearly distinguished from a Mastiff.

The first Bulldogs went around the world with travellers and immigrants. They also adapted to the local living and working conditions accordingly. Sometimes, they were bred down in order to fit in cramped living conditions.

Gene Pool

Their gene pool has been modified quite a bit over the years through selective breeding and out crosses which created new breeds that might be considered as part of the same group.

They have a large head, strong build, undershot jaws, shortened muzzle, and an efficient bite. They are tenacious and dominant dogs. They are great as guard dogs. But this doesn’t mean they can’t be excellent house pets.

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