Bulldogs in Popular Culture

There is no denying that Bulldogs have been around for quite sometime now. They have always been a popular breed of dogs. Even though a lot of people still associate them with dogs which were used for bull baiting, others find them to be a wonderful addition to their family. Apart from being amazing pets, they have also served multiple other purposes. Research shows that music is relaxing for Bulldogs. That’s why classical music was chosen to make the dog more relaxed and mellow.


The Bulldog has been the mascot and symbol for various events and even some countries too. Anyone who watched the WWF in the 90s knows the British Bulldog, Davey Doy Smith. While he was with the WWF, he had a British Bulldog called Matilda who came out with him for every match.

The Bulldog is also revered highly in Great Britain. It is their symbol. Then there’s Chesty, a Bulldog which is used as the symbol of the US Marine Corps. There are a lot of US universities which have Bulldogs as their mascots too like Georgetown University, Mississippi State University, and Louisiana Tech University.

Yale also has a Bulldog called Handsome Dan which is the mascot of their athletic teams. Apart from being very popular, he is also the first actual living mascot in the country.


One more famous mascot was called Uga V. He was the Bulldog of the University of Georgia. He was the first live mascot to make it to the cover of Sports Illustrated back in 1997. He was also named that year the College Mascot of the Year. He has also starred in a Clint Eastwood movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil. He made the news when he tried biting a receiver from Auburn University during a football game in 1996.

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