Instantly recognisable and loved the world over, the bulldog has remained a canine favourite for decades. Their pugnacious appearance masks a sweet and loving nature, which combines with a courageous attitude to make a wonderful pet or a trusty guard dog. The following articles afford an in depth look into the breed’s character and origins, offering a handy guide for both potential owners and experienced bulldog enthusiasts.

  • History – Examining the journey from ferocious bull baiter to the kind and temperate specimens that have become a cherished part of the family.
  • Choosing a bulldog – This page details the pros and cons of the breed, from their low maintenance and exercise needs to genetic health issues, which should be considered at length before making a decision.
  • Buying a puppy – Advice on where to begin your search, how to select the best breeder and pick the perfect pup for you.
  • Training – The bulldog’s stubborn disposition requires firm yet fair handling, with plenty of tips provided for ensuring a well-balanced bond between you and your pooch.
  • Equipment – A run-down of the available collars, leads and general training gear that will help advance your progress.
  • Characteristics – The bulldog comes in a range of shapes and sizes, with the four distinct variations discussed in this article.
  • Breeds – An exploration of the several different types of dog that share the bulldog’s traits, appearance and ancestry.
  • Popular Culture – This familiar breed has enjoyed ample coverage in the media spotlight, representing numerous institutions and campaigns, and regarded as a national icon in his homeland.