Buying a Puppy Bulldog

When it comes to buying a bulldog, you could start with the local newspapers. But, it is very important for you to do your research and make sure you are buying a well-bred bulldog. Otherwise, this choice might end up being really costly.


Bulldogs are very popular because of their stocky, short bodies and their wrinkles. What many people do not realise though is that they are prone to multiple breathing difficulties, and it is very important to learn everything you possibly can about a bulldog before buying it.


The best place to begin your search is online and in your surrounding areas. If you know the breed and want to add one to your home, there are breeders who you could go through as well. But, before trusting a breeder, you should go online and check bulldog related forums to find out how good they are. You wouldn’t want to deal with an unscrupulous breeder now, would you?

Be wary if they aren’t ready to call you to their home or will not let you see the parents of the dog. You would want to meet the parents of the puppy you’re buying to ensure they are friendly and in good condition.


Since this dog breed has very few puppies during pregnancy, you might find that the breeder has many female and few male bulldogs. Be sure to spend a few minutes with them all.

Check their paws. You want a dog with sandpaper paws because it’s proof they are walked a lot. It’s a sign that they are well cared for.

Also, remember to check the puppy’s nostrils. If they are pinched, get another one. You want a pup with flared nostrils and a few wrinkles. This will reduce the risk of any breathing problems when they get older.

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