Characteristics of a Bulldog

Even though the American Bulldog is a single breed, there are 4 distinct variations you will come across. There is also a fifth variation called a hybrid which is a combination of the 4 types. These Bulldogs vary greatly in terms of structure and appearance while still maintaining the basic characteristics which makes the breed stand out.

Standard Bulldog

The standard bulldog isn’t as wrinkled as the rest of them and has smooth skin on the skull. They can easily be mistaken for Pit Bulls since they have really wide-set, smooth heads. Their snouts are slightly longer, and they are a little taller than regular bulldogs too. This is the fastest type of bulldog and is known to be quite aggressive.

Southern Bulldogs

Then there are the old Southern Bulldogs which are completely white. They are also called White English Bulldogs. Even though they are very wrinkly, they are still bigger than British and English Bulldogs. They are considered the true American Bulldog and are also seen in many variations because of this.

Margentina Bulldog

Then there’s the Margentina Bulldog which is the smallest variation. They are stronger and were bred initially for dog fighting. They are the most aggressive of the variations, and some even say they were cross-bred with Pit Bulls to make them more aggressive.

Johnson Bulldogs

Then there’s the Johnson Bulldogs. This variety is what most people think of whenever they picture American Bulldogs since they are much larger than the rest and have stunted muzzles. They also have wrinkled faces and soggy lips.


Lastly, there are the hybrids which are a combination of any of these types of bulldogs. They can’t be inbred since their sires and mares need to be from different bloodlines. The lack of inbreeding causes less temperamental and health related issues in them. They are usually bred for their desirable traits. The most common mix is a standard and classic American Bulldog.

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