Equipment You Need for Your Bulldog

You don’t have to tackle training of your bulldog on your own. There are a lot of equipments which you can use to get the job done.


Just as is the case with pretty much any training program, you should start off with some of the basics. Depending on how your Bulldog is responding to the training, you can progress further.


When starting off with obedience training, you will need a flat collar and a 6-foot leash. Try to get something with double-stitched nylon so that it lasts longer, is sturdy, and can be washed in a machine. Stay away from leather since it can be chewed off easily. For young pups, a harness is also recommended, but don’t keep them on for too long. Stay away from retractable leashes.


You would have heard of prong collars and choke chains too. These tools are used by homeowners to control their dogs easily. You simply snap the collar, and your dog will be in pain till you release it. Similarly, for prong collars, they push into the neck of the dog. While such equipment might actually help you control your dog in the short-run, it is not the right way to train them. The control is being forced on them. This doesn’t work as well as when good behaviour gets encouraged. So don’t use them.

Head Halters

Another piece of training equipment you could consider is head halters which fit over the head of your dog and control the movement of their head. Their body automatically follows their head. But again, this equipment is forcing your dog to do something which is not recommended.


The best way to train a dog is by making them respect you instead of trying to force them into submission. You don’t need any equipment for this except a harness or leash. The rest is up to you.

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