Origins of Bulldog

There certainly are a lot of dog breeds which are lovable and cute. Everyone loves puppies. But one breed which stands out among them all is a bulldog. In the US, they are called English Bulldog, but in Great Britain, where they originated, they’re just known as bulldogs. Now, let’s take a closer look at their origins.


One look at the wide stance, the wrinkles, and the flat face of a bulldog and you will find it hard to resist smiling. Their disposition and looks are why they are among the most popular dogs in the western world. They are tremendously loyal dogs and don’t mind just spending time with their owners doing absolutely nothing.

Bulldog Baiting

While there aren’t any accurate records which describe the origins of the bulldog clearly, there are a few things we know for sure. Almost everyone agrees that the name originates from the sport called bull baiting. They were used for controlling bulls in England. Around the middle of the nineteenth century, they were no longer sporting dogs though since this sport itself was outlawed. Even though the popularity of Bulldogs waned after the sport was banned, a few years later, they were turned into show dogs.


But, this doesn’t explain why they look the way they do. Earlier, breeders would simply mate dogs based on how they looked. This is why bulldogs obtained the traits we see in them today. Their nose sits high on their head, so they can breathe easily while gripping a bull. Some say the wrinkled skin reduces the chances of the horns of a bull piercing it. Combine this with their strong hind legs, and you get a dog which looks tough even though over the last century or so, they have been domesticated quite well and can now be raised as family pets.

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